DEENARY.COM is the new marketplace for halal products, dedicated to Muslims in Europe and the world. A new transformation of the first Halalandia store into an even bigger project. Through platform, vendors and retailers can easily register and sell their products in their own online store. Each retailer can, through independently, manage their products, coupons and all orders that all reach the seller in real time. Joining the platform is free of costs.



Set up in minutes your shop profile for free on and start selling immediately. All customers orders and contacts are managed directly by you. Membership is immediate, just a few steps to upload and manage your online catalog. A simple commission is applied on each sale through your store on (The commission is based on the category of goods)


Created for those who need to sell without the availability of directly managing orders and logistics (storage and shipping). With this service offers you the possibility of storing your products in warehouses that manage the shipment part on your behalf. A monthly fee is applied for the logistics and storage service and a small percentage on orders.


This is the solution dedicated to vendors and retailers who want to test the market before investing. If the products has good quality and good price, you can upload your products and manage them with the dropshipping system through staff. A simple commission is applied to orders received, while membership of the platform remains free of costs.

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Start your online activity with the Halal eCommerce, fill out the form here dedicated to sellers. You will receive information and updates on" "How to start" "your business class trip on Just a few clicks to open your online store on the platform and immediately receive orders that you can manage in total autonomy or by our support. We will follow you in learning to use the latest features and updates of the platform. hosts all types of halal or Muslim friendly products, so you don't have to worry, the platform has space for different product categories, from food to cosmetics, from decorations to clothing.

The platform is also multi-lingual and multi-currency and this will allow you to reach different customers throughout Europe and the world with maximum simplicity.

We want to become your partners, that's why we will not ask you for any payment because we invest in you and with you. When you start selling we will only treat a small percentage of your sales based on the products category. You will not be bound to us by any contractual obligation, so if you decide not to stay there any more, a few clicks will be enough to exit the platform.

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