How it works

What affiliate means?

Affiliate is, first and foremost, about relationships. It relies on a relationship between a us and you, the affiliate, as well as a relationship between you and consumers. When you promote the deenary's products offerings (on your blog, website, social media feed, etc.) and a consumer purchases a product from deenary based on your promotion, we pay you a revenue share of the sale that you helped generate.

Who can be the affiliate?

Affiliates can be private people, individual bloggers, publishers and influencers as well as companies.

What is commision rate?

Typically, commission rates are based on a percentage of the total sale. Deenary starts the rate from 5% till 20% for different type of products.

How affiliate get paid?

Affiliates are payed pay-per-sale. Only get paid when their promotional efforts of affiliate actually result in a transaction. You can see and manage all the transactions (with all the details) on your account dashboard. When someone click on your affiliate link, all the purchase made on deenary within 30days, will generate a revenue for you.

Send your request


1. Fill the form with all your data

2. Go to dashboard and copy your affiliate link

3. Use the affiliate link on your socials, blog, video to make people visit and buy on deenary

Tip: share the products on sale, you can use the pictures, the texts and all what you need to make people visit with your affiliate link.  

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